Six Days

You guys. There are six days left of summer. Six days left of loosely formed schedules, ice cream cones at the drop of a hat, changing into PJs at 2:00 in the afternoon fresh from the pool, endless hours of coloring on the sidewalk, popsicles at 8:59 in the morning, languid walks to the playground, pulling over at small roadside fruit stands, mastering Clash Royale on the iPad and hours spent searching for Pokemon.  Six days of waking up wondering what adventures are in store for the day.


Six days left of summer also means I am literally mustering every last ounce of my being trying not to rear my ugly mommy monster head, the one with the horns and overly arched eyebrows and flaring nostrils, before breakfast.  It means I've just about mastered the art of ignoring the 7th request for a third lunch. It means my diaper bag is chock full of Chick-Fil-A receipts and crumbled graham crackers. It means I've developed a stellar system for un-smushing playdough from nooks and crannies all over the kitchen. Six days left of summer means I've refereed a thousand tiny arguments, wiped up sugary purple popsicle slime from every surface of the porch, designed elaborate forts, packed a million picnics, tightened the goggles, driven ALL around the land, learned every character on Paw Patrol, and answered a zillion questions about a zillion topics on zillion subjects I know nothing about. Like volcanos. And water snakes. And fire. By 3:00pm most days, my eyelids are heavy and I'm seriously contemplating a third cup of coffee.  

I feel like I'm in the homestretch of a hot sticky marathon; staying composed, focusing on my form, breathing deeply, desperately hanging on. Summer has felt like summer this year.  A true and needed break from the rigors of school schedules and extracurriculars and life events. It's felt like a long and endless stretch of genuine freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want, and cruising along this road with kids this year has been a real and honest joy. But man, I'm exhausted and I'm just about out of gas. 

Tonight Christopher and I will head out for our annual school supply shopping / frozen yogurt date. Next week we'll wipe down the backpacks, meet the teachers, fill up our September calendar, and get pumped for the school bus. I'll get misty when they drive down the road, eager and excited for their first day. But I'll be eager and excited too, for the routine and structure of the academic year and a few peaceful moments to myself during the day to think and dream and create.

Or maybe nap. I think I'll start with a freaking nap.

I'll leave you with the mugshots, er headshots, of my childrens' current passports. Despite getting reacquainted with my real camera this summer, these shots taken by the worlds grumpiest US Postal Service employee a few weeks ago are perhaps the best photographic representation of our summer. Sometimes irritated, sometimes happy, sometimes apathetic...and if you could see my reaction on seeing these shots for the first time...sometimes pee in your pants laugh out loud hysterical. 

Peace my friends. And happy end of summer, start of school, we MADE it (!!!) to my awesome Mama tribe out there.