July Recap

Hot. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think about July this year. And lazy. We've been very, very hot and really pretty lazy over the last few weeks. Our mornings have slowed down even further than they did in June and we're getting the majority of our outdoor time (other than our daily dips in the pool) in the very early mornings on our shady front porch. By 9am, the entire yard is in full sun, but we've been taking advantage of the shade and slightly cooler temps first thing. 

About the only other things July brought were lots and lots of popsicles, a couple of ice cream cones, a successful lemonade stand, some freak rainstorms, early morning wagon rides, lots of pool time, a new slip n slide, and only a few minor breakdowns on my part.  

Tomorrow is August first, and judging by my calendar it will fly by. I can't say I'm sad about it. I think we're all craving a little more structure at this point. I know I'll miss these lazy lavishly long days when the swing of school and sports starts so we'll soak up as much of the next few weeks as we can. We have a few road trips planned, visits with our fun family and some dear friends, and two kiddo birthdays to celebrate in the next 5 weeks. See you back here soon!