First and Last: Christopher Kindergarten

Chris has been a trooper this year. His Kindergarten year was a bit jumbled with his original teacher in Wheaton leaving partway through the year on maternity leave, a long-term sub taking her place, a couple weeks off of school altogether this spring, and then a brand new (much larger, and full day) school for the past 6 weeks here in Chapel Hill. He's taken it in stride though and has really, really flourished at his new school here. He's actually super bummed that today is the last day as he's recently decided his favorite subject is reading and he won't have access to all the awesome books in his classroom over the summer. (!!!)

I thought I'd snap a quick couple pictures this morning and I'm now so pleased I managed to grab a few on his first day back in August too. It's fun to see how much he's changed this year. I remember thinking he looked so old on his first day of Kindergarten. I also discovered the key to a natural smile from him this morning....fart jokes. He surely is becoming a big kid right in front of my eyes.