We've been busy around here. Getting to know our new neighborhood, adjusting to a new school, finding out exactly which Target is closest to our house. While there's been an awful lot of adventure, it's also been surprisingly fun to rediscover some of our old favorite spots around town over the last few weeks. 

It's totally bizarre driving through a place we used to know so well, two years removed. It's kind of a weird mix of foreign and familiar, and we find ourselves saying "wait, is it this street, or that one" and then happening upon some old forgotten memory from years past. The boys remember very little about our life here, which is kind of refreshing as it's giving me a new perspective on the old familiar. They love listening to stories of those memories we happen across; "there's the yogurt shop I made Dad bring me to many times a week while pregnant with you Chris, and I always hoped the flavor the day was peanut butter", "hey, Matt, here's the Farmer's Market I used to bring you guys to weekly, and you'd eat blueberries by the pint on the way home", "Guys! Here's the spot where Dad ran over someones family cat (that jumped out their open car window), and into oncoming traffic". 

Last weekend, we visited one of our old favorite museums in town. They've added a new outdoor section with a giant play structure way up high in the trees. The boys (all of them) loved it and I did to. 

I'm working on bringing my camera around with us a bit more these days and increasing the number of family fun photos I take. I love me a good portrait session with my kids, but I know they'll appreciate these action shots much more when they're older.