Summer 2016: Day 1

We started out this morning with donuts as directed by our Summer Bucket List and a concerted effort on my part to create some traditions for these maniac kiddos. In true Sheedy Boy fashion, they sucked down a couple of chocolate milks in .2 seconds and were then too full to eat their artsy bakery (read: pricey) donuts. I should have hit up the good 'ole Dunkin. 

Then at home during Emily's morning nap, I forced Chris into letting me take a couple pictures of him because I wanted to try out some black and white editing. A few minutes into the very un-fun photoshoot he asked if this is what we were going to do every day this summer (meaning, was I going to stick my camera in his face all the time) and did I take pictures of Matthew every day while he was at school.  Yes. and Yes. To which he dramatically declared he "wiiiiiiiiiiishhhhed" he was still in school. 

And so our summer begins.