Baby Sister

***Catching up a bit on the blog here. This was written on February 2nd. Agh. Life!

One of the very best surprises about motherhood, round three, has been the active involvement of Emily's big brothers in her life. Every day, without fail, they are eager and willing to do literally anything I long as it revolves around Emily. Fetch some diapers, "sure Mom!", grab that play mat "yes, Mom!", can you babysit your sister for a second "MY turn, MY turn", open the back door for Barley "........". Seriously, if the job requires assisting their sister in any way, they're game. It's very sweet really, all the attention and love they give her. They may fight with each other hourly, over the silliest things, but when it comes to Emily they're both totally smitten. 

Christopher is especially googly-eyed over her. The "big brother hugs" are constant, he's eager to help feed her with a spoon, always the first to greet her after a nap, and remains the recipient of her biggest and gummiest smiles. Though there are 5 years between them (a reality I fretted over for months before she was born), they've got this special little bond. My big kindergartener and his baby sister. 

These shots were taken about a month ago, and man, I can't believe how much bigger Emily looks now...I so wish I'd posted this sooner, so it could be properly date-stamped.