An Experiment

Niall and I spent months thinking about Christmas presents this year. Typically, the boys have gotten Legos, blocks, or vehicles of some description for every gift giving occasion. We have literally a million Lego pieces in the basement, and two boys who love them, but aren't quite ready to play with them independently for long periods of time yet. 

So we tried to be intentional and thoughtful about their gifts this year. We didn't want to get them junk, but we also knew they'd be bored easily with things not involving screens or batteries (our bad). Late one night in October, I found a list of the top "educational" toys for boys and we wound up picking most of their presents from that list. Lots of neat building stuff, this cool talking microscope for Christopher, and a Curious George matching game for Matthew. We wound up with some pretty cool stuff, I think, and a month after Christmas, they're still playing with most of it daily. Win!