On Early Mornings and Breakfast with Matthew

School starts at 9:15 for both boys right now. Since we're roused from our peaceful slumber hours (several) before then these days, we're left with ample time for lazy mornings every day of the week. I am absolutely a morning person, ready for action as soon as I open my eyes, so this late start and pajamas until 9am drives me crazy most days.

Yesterday though, I needed to make an emergency trip to Walgreens at 6:45am for some infant Tylenol (read, 4 month vaccination fever).  As we drove home, fashionably dressed in pajamas and snow coats, we saw a line of middle schoolers waiting for the bus on a snowy street corner. Christopher commented on how early the big kids have to go to school and it struck me that soon enough, both boys will be off to wait for the school bus and out of the house well before the Today Show starts. First thought: I can't wait for luxurious mornings sipping coffee with Matt and Savannah. Second thought: Man, that's going to get real quiet and lonely after a couple of months. 

This back and forth, willing time to both hurry up and slow down, keeps stopping me in my tracks. I think it has a lot to do with the arrival of Emily. I feel like I've got my left foot in one door, my right foot in a different door, and in the space between the two is a big giant magnification of how quickly time has started to pass.

Yesterday, an hour after breakfast was over, I found Matthew like this on the kitchen table. Inappropriate when the Grandparents are around? Probably. Something I'll miss like crazy in 10 years when he's already in second period by 9am and I'm home alone with my coffee and an elderly Matt Lauer? Without a doubt.