Matthew is 4!

Our little, soon to be middle, man turns 4 years old tomorrow. For a little over a year now Niall and I have been saying that Matthew seems to be our kid with the biggest personality. He's just a total goofball. He's wild and manic, soft and sweet and very cuddly, and a total tornado. All within the space of a half an hour. Zooming down the zipline, building Lego creations, and snuggling in with a fort of blankets for an episode of Curious George are his main goals in life at the moment, and his smile and joy during those times is incredibly contagious. Where once we worried about his speech development, we now worry he'll never stop talking and telling the same stories (and asking the same questions) over and over and over. 

That first set of pictures is sweet and cute and not totally accurate. They're portraits. Posed and perfectly tucked and very handsome, but very staged. The shot below was taken on Christopher's first day of Kindergarten, while I was snapping away before we left for school. Always eager to get in on the action,  Matthew begged for me to take a picture of him too. It was one of the those shots that I snapped just to appease him, barely framing it (missing his little toes), and without any "1-2-3" warning. And it's totally him. Thumbs up and a perfectly accurate "Matthew" pose. I love it. 

Niall and I are learning how important it is to make time for this little guy. For so long he's been Christopher's little sidekick, sort of swept along (happily) with whatever his big brother is doing. But we're realizing how different the kids actually are these days. Matthew is his own wacky and weird dude, and we're feeling pretty lucky he's ours. Happy Birthday crazy man!