Baby David

We had two very special visitors come to town last week. My sister and her sweet, sweet baby David. The week was wonderfully full of doing mostly nothing and we daydreamed about living in the same neighborhood or even city so we could split the 20 pack of bagels from Costco or meet at the playground whenever we wanted. 

Sharing pregnancy with and now watching Katie start her journey into motherhood has been better than I could have ever imagined. She's teaching me so many things about patience and positivity and letting go. Already I admire her as a mother and I feel so lucky I'll get to share this path again with her. 

We got to take some time last week to snap a few photos of sweet baby David. I'm just going to continue to use the word sweet whenever I describe him, because there's not a better descriptor. The kid is a dream. So many times I was amazed at how content he is, happy to kick around on the floor, be held in a lap, or bop about in the swing. He kicks his arms and legs like a madman for a while, and then gets still and quiet and just observes. He's really the sweetest baby I've ever met and I can't wait to watch him grow. 

So, until the next time I can get my camera on him, here's sweet baby David at 7 weeks old.