Katie & Patrick - Maternity Session

My sweet sister and her handsome husband are pregnant! In fact, Katie is due in just a month, and I couldn't be more excited for her. Early one morning 8 months ago my phone binged with an email (yes email, she discovered the news while abroad), from Katie with just an "OMG" and an attempted picture attachment that failed to upload. I knew immediately what the cryptic message meant, even though I couldn't see the photo, and frantically calculated time zones while I waited impatiently for a live update.  When we finally connected later that day, she confirmed the news and I spent the next weeks in such a state excitement for two of them. 

About two months later, we were shocked with our own news, and to say that experiencing my third pregnancy alongside my sisters first has been a blessing, would be an enormous understatement. The daily texts and phone calls, the planning and sharing, and the weekend spent together talking all things baby (and pregnancy) have been such beautiful gift. I'm just so eager for her sweet boy to arrive.

Two weeks ago I was able to spend a long weekend in San Diego with Katie to celebrate her 30th birthday and her baby shower. On my last evening, we took 20 minutes to stroll along the bluff across the street from their house, and snap a few photographs of this sweet time. A few of favorites of the two of them are below. 

Love you Kiki and Pat and Little Man! I'm so excited for the three of you!