Middle and Little

These two. Matthew has probably had the biggest adjustment to life with Emily of anyone around here. Throughout my pregnancy, he loved to hug and kiss my growing belly and as we got closer to the end, he'd ask daily if the baby was coming out yet. Where Christopher was rather apathetic about the whole thing, Matthew was supremely interested. He was constantly touching my bump and asking what kind of baby we were having. 

When Emily arrived, he was like a wrecking ball. Or perhaps his rambunctious nature was just magnified with a very delicate newborn around. Either way, he was rough. Before we'd even left the hospital I caught him jumping over Emily on the couch like an olympic hurdler. Yikes! More than a few times, in an effort to be helpful (I think), he's jammed her pacifier into her mouth quite fiercely. And don't even get me started on his "gentle" pushing of her in her swing. But aside from being a maniac around her a few times a day, he mostly ignored her. 

It's been a learning process around here, for sure, but I think we're starting to see some progress. He's much gentler with his sister now, and she's quite a bit sturdier, so we don't worry so much about him breaking her. And though his actions may look totally manic and insane, the kid is incredibly agile and coordinated. So many times I've been sure he was about to plow into a kid at the playground or fall off the top of a play set, only to see him smoothly and swiftly change positions or directions at the last second and avoid catastrophe. It's amazing really. He now wants to sit next to Emily all the time, check if her eyes are open or shut (manually), and he calls her his pretty pretty princess. He obviously adores her. And though he can still be a bit crazy around her, I can't wait to watch their relationship grow.