It snowed over the weekend. A whopping 6 or 7 or 8 inches. Not to be a downer, but I really don't like the white stuff. I declared very honestly last March that I honestly wouldn't mind even a little bit if I never saw another snowflake in my life. The sentiment stands. 

But it's just so magical for the kids. They went to bed Friday night all hyped up on the prospect snowmen and snow forts and snow ball fights. They awoke at first light and dashed to the little bench in our bedroom that sits below the magical east facing window and gasped at their first look at snow this season. The morning light in the backyard didn't disappoint. The scene was pretty magical.

I always seem to get a little creative itch this time of year. I'm not sure why. It's challenging for me to shoot during the winter months, the bright snowy white outside and the frigid temperatures aren't my preferred conditions. Our small house starts to feel even smaller than it actually is with days upon weeks spent indoors. All signs point to me boxing up the camera for the winter. 

I snapped this in a teeny tiny pocket of window light in our living room this morning just as I told Christopher that maybe, if he was quiet during Emily's morning nap, we'd pop out for bagels at lunchtime. The shot is nothing magic, but it feels warm and cozy to me like our little house these days, and I suppose that's a good enough subject as any for me to photograph.

Emily's been up in her crib, asleep, for 2.5 hours and I've managed to edit a couple photos and write this blog post so I suppose I'll need to make good on that bagel promise. Here's to me scratching that creative itch. Even without perfect light and a gorgeous setting.