Emily Jane

Emily Jane has arrived! Goodness gracious! In so many ways she's been the biggest surprise of my entire life. From the day we, unexpectedly, found out I was pregnant, to the day she was born a girl (!), to the 8 weeks of baby bliss since her birthday she's completely stolen our hearts. 

It's kind of totally impossible to put in to words what life has been like since Emily arrived. It's been sappy and blissful, and tiring and short-fused, and totally calm yet utterly chaotic. This third time around motherhood thing, especially with the long baby-stage break, has been the best gift. It's shifted my perspective and made me reevaluate life in a million ways. It's totally different this time around and also exactly the same. Where once I admittedly and vocally "hated" the newborn stage, I find I'm soaking up every second this time. Where I used to be so confused about people mourning their kids passing ages and stages (I mostly rejoiced), I nearly cried when I packed away the newborn and 3 month (yes, you read that right) clothing last week. We spend hours laying on the carpet in the afternoon staring at our sister and showing her our favorite iPad games and making ridiculous faces to get her to smile and taking a million selfies. I've found myself thinking this, THIS, is what having a baby is like. After the boys were born so close together and the helplessness and hopelessness that seemed to follow in that season, I'm just so grateful I get to have this experience again with newfound perspective and grace. 

So, Emily. She's just a dreamy little thing. She's mostly quiet and so much more calm than the boys ever were as babies. She'll lay content for long periods of time gazing at the crazy around her. She saves her best smiles for her Daddy and big brother Christopher. She's a great nurser (yay!) and though she doesn't seem to want to sleep very long stretches at night, she loves a good carseat nap. She's starting to make those sweet baby coos and every time she does everyone in the room erupts in squeals and applause. In short, we're just enjoying every moment with her. I snapped these photos out of pure guilt last weekend in about 10 minutes. It's the first time I've really put my good camera in her face, and I just giggle when I look at these shots. She's such a little turkey and she's her big brother Matthew's little twin.

Oh, and the girl clothing section? It's just as fun as I always hoped it would be. Here is Emily Jane at 7 weeks.