Several mornings this week Niall has been up just before sunrise, shoveling snow. We haven't gotten a ton of the white stuff. Just a couple of inches over the course of the last week. But unlike the snow we've dealt with in other places, warmer places, this snow sticks around. The problem with this, according to a new neighbor Niall met while clearing our driveway, is that the top layer warms just enough to melt slightly, but because the temperature hasn't risen much (we haven't even hit 15 degrees this week), it turns to ice. And that, isn't any fun. So he shovels, almost daily, so we can semi safely get into and out of the driveway. 

The boys are desperate, I mean absolutely dying, to get out there in the mornings with their dump trucks and bulldozers and help him clear the way for the cars. I considered bundling them and letting them get all their energy out before breakfast, but dang, it's just too cold out there. 

A couple of mornings ago, because he was so disappointed at the thought of staying inside while his Dad worked away, I propped Christopher up on the counter in some pretty light and let him eat his oatmeal while watching Niall work. 

I like how these quick shots turned out. Our house has these strange little pockets of unexpected and oddly placed light. It's not terribly open and bright in this little old place. I'm challenging myself to learn how to shoot the kids in here this winter, with my 50mm. Window light and getting creative with my positioning are my priorities!