Sweet Baby Louisa

A few weeks before the kids and I flew from Seattle to Illinois, I got a call from Niall excited about the results of the home inspection on our house. It had "passed", news we'd be holding our breaths for, crossing fingers and toes and arms that we'd be able to check just one more box on the long list of boxes that need to be checked when you buy and sell houses.

Though I was thrilled with the results of the inspection, I was much MUCH more interested in the news that Niall had spotted a girl, "who looks about your age, with two little kids, who look about C&M's ages, getting into a car in the driveway next door". That my friends was music my "Mom moving into a new neighborhood's ears." Within a few days of arriving, we'd met these neighbors, confirmed the kids ages (their oldest is just a couple weeks younger than C, their daughter about six months younger than M), and learned they were expecting their 3rd in a few weeks. 

By the time Louisa arrived, in rather spectacular fashion, the kids had become fast friends, running back and forth between the back yards and finding all the hiding places in our old house. Colleen and I learned we have lots of experiences in common, from travel to loved books, and I'm so thankful for her friendship.

Sweet Lou is almost 6 months old now, and I'm so so behind on sharing these images I captured of her during her first week of life. We have been so thankful for this family since we've moved here. Many times over the summer, the 4 big kids would barrel in through our back door, and up the stairs to the boys bedroom for a game of hide and seek. Hiding under blankets and in secret closets, their laugher and joyful noise came pouring down the stairs. 

Powell's; we feel so lucky to have gotten you as psuedo neighbors! We're thankful we get to call you guys friends. Thank you for welcoming us so well to the neighborhood.