A 3 year old.

A couple weeks ago, our little guy turned 3. I had intended to get his birthday shots on his actual birthday but after a long day at Legoland, way too much sugar, and no nap, neither of us was in top photo form. The two of us took a special trip down to the train park last night as the sun was winding down on a truly gorgeous early fall afternoon. He was delighted to be on a special adventure, just the two of us, and he was wild and inquisitive as always as we trekked through some weeds and dirt and then into an open field. 

Matthew's smile lights up my whole life. He's so quick to laugh, always eager to get into a little bit of trouble, and the most snuggliest of all my boys. At 3 years old he's ready to be 5, and has been such a pal for his big brother. Happy birthday (we're still singing it, 3 weeks later) little man. I love you!