My friend Ryan.

My oldest friend came to visit in June. This is Ryan. Loyal, genuine, funny. Stylish, handsome, sincere. Lover of books and running and dogs (his own), he's been someone who has seen me through some of my most favorite times and also made me laugh through some of my worst. He completed all of my art projects in high school, drove me home from college every year, helped me rescue a days old kitten, carried my ski boots, makes a mean mix tape, sends me funny cards, styled my living room, straightened my parents pictures, continued to call me when I went off the grid, consulted on my Abercrombie purchases, bought me my first fake ID, and was my best bridesman.

We realized this summer we've know each other 18 years, which is both shocking and quite remarkable. I've never known someone for as long as I've known Ryan; a situation I credit him with entirely. I'm not great at long distance communication and have had many, many relationships wane over the course of years apart. Ryan's loyalty is one best gifts he's given me. He's my only lifelong friend. And while he's got some seriously embarrassing stories about me, I'm so glad he's continued to be a part of my life.