Happy Saturday Mom

Yesterday my Mom asked if I'd put down my camera.

The answer is yes, and no. I've been shooting about once a week, enough to keep up an active archive of kiddo pictures, but not so often that I'm constantly angling for the best shot. Niall can get, understandably, a little eye-rolly when I bust out my camera everywhere we go. I get it, and so I've been working on enjoying the moment a bit more this summer. I've consciously left the big camera at home more often than not and have relied on my iPhone and Instagram as a way to truly capture and share our everyday. 

We found ourselves with a morning free of activity a couple weeks ago and as I was tidying our bedroom, the boys barreled in, as they always do, to make a mess. The morning light in that room is my favorite in the house, so I decided I'd grab my camera and shoot some fun PJ portraits of the guys. 

Hope you enjoy these Mom!