Summer hasn't really felt like summer in years. Since college maybe? Those long days spent entirely outside, running and climbing and splashing. I remember falling into bed sometimes, hair still wet, in fresh pajamas which felt so distinctly summery after a day spent in my damp bathing suit. Exhausted, I'd fall asleep with the sun still high, my bright pink nose and shoulders still warm from my constant summer sunburn.

Those were the days.

But once college ended and the real world began, summers just weren't the same. Sure there were weekend days spent outdoors, but the feeling wasn't as carefree, as relaxed and exhausted. After the full-time real world job became the full-time mom job, summers involved babies and small kids. And though amply full of "free" time, they felt just like those real world job summers. Only sweatier.

But I've got a good feeling about this summer. The kids are shooting into a really fun age. I mean we still have epic meltdowns on the regular, but they can actually do some things. On their own, with much more minimal supervision. Naps can be skipped occasionally meaning we don't necessarily have to rush home at 12:55. And today for the first time in years, I really got that summer feeling while watching the kids play at the pool all day long. We arrived at 10:15 this morning for swim lessons and unexpectedly stayed until 4. I made the executive decision we'd skip naps at about 1:30 and we raided the snack bar for refreshments. Their angelic faces (HA!) were full of delight with each splash, I hadn't heard a screaming screech in hours, and the allure of a 6:00 bedtime was just too strong to shake. 

So we stayed and played. And the kids went to bed while the sun was still high in the sky with pink noses and fresh pajamas, utterly exhausted.