The Joker

Christopher proudly declared as he jumped into the car after preschool, clobbering over his brother and flinging is backpack over the front passenger seat, that he told his "Knock Knocks" today. 

His "Knock Knocks" go a bit like this:

"Knock Knock"
"Who's there"
"The chicken that crossed the road and went down the street and then saw a doggy eat ice cream."

And then he laughs hysterically.

He learned to tell knock knock jokes from his Pop Pop before we left Seattle. Each week on our Skype call, Pop Pop recites a couple new jokes to us, and the kids laugh and laugh. Sometimes we practice Pop Pop's jokes during the call, and sometimes Christopher tells us his own.  A sort of random brain dump of something he thinks might be funny to see. Mostly beginning with a chicken that crossed a road. And we all laugh with and at Christopher, exchanging sideways glances and wondering where he comes up with his material.

I can't help but wonder which jokes he decided to tell his pals at school. I wonder if he laughed hysterically at himself when he was finished, and whether the teacher chuckled along kindly.