The Guy Turns 4

Our biggest little man turned 4. Goodness, FOUR. We celebrated with adventure, our favorite way to celebrate, and spent the day in the city. We lunched and rode in taxis and ascended the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and ate a seriously ridiculous lava volcano sparkler cake. It was magic. 

Christopher has become a very early riser. So on his birthday after he crept into my room at 5 minutes to 6 in the morning, instead of pulling him into bed for an extra snuggle, the two of us snuck quietly out of the house for our first adventure of the day. A quick sunrise photo shoot down by the train tracks and a stop at Starbucks on the way home. I love how these 4 year old portraits turned out. He looks so mature and serious, which is both perfectly fitting and totally unlike him depending on the hour. 

Happy Birthday big little guy. We love you. Lots.