Um, and then it snowed.

Second and last post on snow! Promise.

I'd by lying if I said we weren't a little excited to see some snow flurries. In fact, the whole time we were in Seattle I wished and wished we'd arrive here in Chicago in time for the last snow of the season. We're not ready for a Chicago winter, not by a long shot, but a quick spring snow? Perfect. 

The guys and I spent the afternoon watching the flurries come down and start to accumulate from this sweet window bench seat in the our bedroom. It looks out the back of the house; sort of a dormer window peeking out between the slant of the roof. There's a flat surface about 5 feet wide across and deep just outside the window, on which I'm thinking I'll plant some window boxes. The morning light streaming in is insanely lovely and waking up to some vibrant flowers might be quite a treat.