Settling In.

I feel like I've been taking a lot of deep breaths lately. Breaths that stretch deep down into my lungs and allow me to settle in and sink down, tension evaporating with each exhale. The turmoil of the last several months is starting to shape it's way into a memory. Thank goodness. There were definite highlights. We spent 4 months with my parents, which was such a gift. I loved watching them be grandparents, and the bond they have with the boys is something I'm so grateful for. 

But I, admittedly, was not at my best. I'm not so good with stress. And, I'm not so good at having our entire life up in the air. So while I enjoyed our time in Seattle with my parents so much, I'm feeling much more settled in and grounded these days. 

We are absolutely in love with the little house we bought. We've got a bucket list going of things we're dreaming of doing around here, and we've knocked a couple off the list already. The town we ended up in is completely different than where I imagined we'd be, but I'm so thankful we landed here. It just feels good. 

We've got no routine of any kind established just yet, and I don't imagine we will for some time. I begged our local parish preschool to take Christopher for the remainder of the year, sight unseen, and after his first weeks he's smitten with his teachers and the fact that there are big kid busses out front. I'm smitten with the fact that there's a carpool line for preschool. I've somehow managed to wiggle them both a spot for next year, provided Matthew is potty-trained. Thinking positive!

All in all we're doing so well. We've got some great neighbor friends on each side, who've welcomed us so well already. I can definitively say that spring is springing; the lilies in my garden confirm, and we've been spending long afternoons running around outside with our new friends next door. We're still pinching ourselves over here, and feeling so grateful.