Reporting In: Update from Team Sheedy

Last weekend I fell hard for an ancient pistachio sink, matching towel racks, and a soap holder in a master bathroom. Like really hard.

master bath.jpg

Since I last checked in on Valentines Day (!), we've bought a house, returned a house, had a week of utter emotional exhaustion, and...bought another house. Phew. Our house in Raleigh sold in early February and we started our search for new digs the following weekend. We found a charming, very small, 100 year old bungalow in a super area of Chicago and jumped. A couple of days later it failed (like, literally failed) its inspection, and we quickly withdrew our offer. And then emotional distress (on my part) ensued and I was sure we'd never find another home or community in the entire city of Chicago to live in. Thankfully I have a very practical and very patient husband, and shockingly (not really shocking at all) we managed to find another community and home we love. And this morning it passed inspection! Because I'm a total worry wart I'm convinced some sort of disaster is going to happen and we won't actually close on this house in 3 weeks, but I'm trying to stay positive. This is me being positive! 

Did I mention there are matching pistachio tiles in the shower? Swoon. 

I can't wait to share more details on the village we chose and the home itself. For now, think English cottage, exposed wooden beams, secret hobbit rooms, and lots and lots of white walls. We're dying over here and can't wait to get our little family settled in.

One more peek: the boys room is below. I also fell hard for this little secret hobbit room we'll kit out for the kids. Christopher is slightly concerned about bumping his noggin on the roof, but I'm sure he'll get over that when he discovers all the nooks and crannies in there to store his toys. 


So if you'll excuse my absence for just a little while longer, I'd appreciate it. I'm super busy over here worrying my little heart out and just praying that everything goes smoothly from here on. 23 days and counting. Chicago here we come!