Us Sheedys

Oh dear. I'm afraid I've had these photos of my sweet family sitting all packaged up in a very adorable USB for terribly too long. My dear friend Cheyenne Schultz came to stay with us last fall while she participated in a conference (which I'm dying to attend one day) called Making Things Happen. She brought with her a delicious seasonal gift basket, warm hugs and long comfortable conversations, and her sweet sweet (then 8 month old) daughter Crew.  I'm sure I smiled the whole two days they were visiting. 

Cheyenne and I go back to our days in college together at the University of Redlands. She was the only person I knew in North Carolina when we moved to Raleigh 5 years ago (even though she lives in Charlotte). Cheyenne and her husband Geoff photographed our wedding in the Bahamas, way way way back when, and we've been fortunate enough to see them yearly since arriving in NC. Though we don't get to spend nearly as much "facetime" as I'd like, Cheyenne's friendship is easy and earnest, humble and heartwarming, and just plain comfortable. She's the kind of person who makes you feel good about yourself; always encouraging, always honest. I admire so much about her and feel so thankful I can call her a friend. 

In exchange for hanging out with Crew while Cheyenne was making things happen, she snapped some pictures for me of my family. The first proper family photographs we'd had taken with the kids, ever. I know. I know. I'd say I definitely got the better end of the deal on this one. Crew was about the easiest kid I've ever "babysat" and I so enjoyed playing Mama to 3 for a couple of days. And I mean just scroll through the photos below. She captured my family beautifully. Canvas has been ordered, gallery wall sketched. I'm so very lucky. 

Cheyenne and her husband Geoff are The Schultzes, wedding photographers based in Charlotte, NC. You need to check out their beautiful work and their brand new website. It's just so delightfully lovely. Thank you dear Cheyenne. These are a such a gift.