Moody Window Light + My Monkey, Matthew

**This was supposed to post last week but things like moving across the country got in the way. Whoops.**

I'm going to miss a lot of things about Seattle. My parents, for sure. Rediscovering old haunts and finding new ones. The coffee. Oh my gosh, the coffee. 

My camera however is going to miss the moody flat gray light. We haven't seen a whole heck of a lot of the sun in 2014, as is to be expected in these parts, and I've developed a sincere love for moody rainy days and unexpected pockets of window light. Shooting outside is a dream here. DREAM. I've got a post scheduled for next week with the most lovely soft colors, shot on a gray Seattle day at the beach.  I'm actually a little bit afraid of what the sun is going to do to my camera when they cross paths again in Chicago. Sun flare, haze, what?! 

Matthew is 2 and half years old and the most mischievous little monkey I know. This kid. He's either going to be a rugby player or an acrobat. He's got the appetite and energy of a linebacker and the balance and coordination of tightrope walker. And he's finally, FINALLY, starting to let me take his picture. Sometimes I feel like Christopher dominates the camera. He's totally comfortable with it at this stage and can sit still and take direction. Matthew just never stops moving. I swear I do actually have photos of him, they're just mostly a blur.

So when I noticed some moody light streaming in the kitchen window, I grabbed a bag of chips and bowl of salsa and let him go to town. These shots turned out just as I'd hoped. Dark and dramatic and showing Matthew being lighthearted and goofy. And, a really fun exercise in creativity for me.