Baby Archer

Words can't even begin to describe how beautiful this little guy is.

Almost a year ago, my dear friend Andrea and I were chatting pregnancy and babies and motherhood and I was crossing my fingers and toes at the time that she'd be pregnant with her first child soon. Andrea and I have been pals since the first day of freshman year in college when she came bounding into my dorm room wearing a Dave Matthew's Band t-shirt and inviting me to dinner at the Commons. That t-shirt sealed the deal, and we remained roommates (in some year with me frequently sleeping on her dorm room floor) for rest of our years in college. She's been a constant in my life all these years, and no matter how far the distance or how infrequent the phone calls we always go back to where we left off like nothing has changed. Her friendship is something I'm so very thankful for.

I got to spend some time with Andrea and her husband Simon (I'll spare you his college nickname) last weekend and I just can't help but feel so lucky that we happened to be here in Seattle, still, so that I could meet Archer.

Andrea and Simon, you guys are incredible parents already. Listening to you talk about your son and watching you interact with him was a blessing to me. This little guy is so loved already, and I can't wait to watch you guys grow as family. 

All my love!