Even the kids were grossed out...Seattle Bubble Gum Wall

Meet the infamous bubblegum wall of Seattle. Located just steps from Pike Place Market, this hidden alleyway boasts one of the germiest tourist attractions in America. I'd actually never visited myself (didn't even know it existed when I lived here years ago), but had been wanting to show the kids. 

I generally don't consider myself someone who gets freaked out by germs; I believe in boosting immune systems. However, this place was just gross. Not only is the wall immense and literally covered in gum, it stinks. Wafting off the thing was what I can only describe as an odor of stale fruit mixed with bad breath. Even the kids were grossed out and wouldn't go near the thing. I was certain I'd have to wrangle Matthew, my sensory child who still puts everything he can find into his mouth at nearly 2.5 years old, but even he stood a cool 5 feet away and made no move to touch anything. 

A fun sidestep from Pike Place for sure, but prepare to be thoroughly disgusted!