Pike Place Market : Seattle, WA

My most favorite Seattle landmark is Pike Place Market. I've always been a sucker for farmer's markets, and perhaps this is the root of the reason why. Growing up we'd take anyone and everyone who came to visit us in Seattle down to the waterfront to show them our famous market and the famous flying fish. There is such a colorful vibe going on down here and I make it a point to visit at least once every time I'm in town (I've been a half-dozen times already since we've been in Seattle). 

On this particular morning, the weather was fairly moody, and the vendors were still setting up for the day. It's noticeably quieter down here on a weekday morning, but you really get a good feel for the farmers, florists, and craftspeople who set up shop in their stalls. They're working for their living down here, not merely part of the tourist spectacle. And they are always happy to chat about their story.