Earlier this week, I shared a little session I did with sweet 6 month old Lou in our upstairs guest bedroom. When we moved into this house, that room was immediately a space I'd knew love. It's window faces east, towards our backyard and the room gets beautiful morning night. When I started decorating the room, I knew I wanted to keep it very simple and bright, so I choose to keep the walls white and added a white dresser, white floor lamp, white shelves, white mirror, and a white bedspread. It's pretty much devoid of any color whatsoever...and I love it. 

I'd been wanting to capture some images of the boys in the room and I've been thinking about grabbing my camera almost daily after shooting Lou in there a few weeks ago.  After their epic Lego session this morning with Niall, I figured they'd be calm and eager to have a little down time snuggled up in bed. I was wrong. 

These images turned out nothing like I'd imagined they would. The boys were wild, as they typically are, and I quickly realized I wasn't going to get any sweet shots of them snuggling up together or relaxing calmly among the blankets. I yelled out direction to them as I clicked and got way too sweaty and irritated during the whole thing.  I culled through all 400 of the photos I took, flagging all the blurry images with limbs flying into and out of the frame, and I narrowed down the lot to about 20 images . As I began editing them, I smiled and shook my head at my sweaty irritated self. The emotion the guys show in these pictures is 100% accurate. It's perhaps the most authentic session I've ever done with them.

They ignored every single thing that came out of my mouth up in that bedroom this morning, wildly flinging themselves all over each other and that bed they're never allowed to jump on. And as I scroll through this set, I'm so glad they did. I learned a great lesson with them today. Sometimes I just need to let them be.