A couple minutes at the Nature Reserve

A couple weeks ago I wound my way though a part of town I'm not too familiar with in search of an open field I'd spotted back in our first weeks in Illinois. At that time the field was tall with dried out wheat and it opened to the west, which I noted would be great for afternoon or evening light. I never made it back during the spring or summer, but we found ourselves with a half an hour to kill a few weeks ago, and I decided we'd head back and check it out. 

I found out it's actually a nature preserve for Lincoln Marsh and had a trail of sorts winding though tall fields and across marshy dams. Looking back, this may have been the last warmish week we had this year.  The temperature was mild that day, and as the boys and I walked and walked, further and further away from the car without another person in sight, the sun started it's quick late fall descent. I was conscious of being out there alone with the kids, so we didn't wander as far as we'd have liked, but I've got the spot bookmarked now and I can't wait to head back for a snowy walk in the coming months (actually, probably more like weeks) with Niall and crazy Barley too.