Four Frames with Christopher

I'm still slowly learning about the light in our house. I'm figuring out how it changes, which rooms look the best at which times of day, where little pockets fall. It's been really fun, and photographically challenging. Our old (new) house was very open and full of natural sunlight. Our new (old) house is boxy has small little windows and lots of shadows. Shooting with my 50mm in our old house posed no problems at all as there was lots of room to move about. Here, something shorter would probably be a bit better, because we don't have as much space.  As the weather gets more frigid by the day, I expect a lot of my shooting to happen indoors this winter, which will be totally different for me. YAY!

Here are a couple frames with Christopher. I noticed he stepped into some pretty window light just behind my workspace last week, and since the camera was handy, I took a few frames. I'm sharing both the color and black and white of a couple as b&w processing is totally outside of my comfort zone. With all the moody light and shadows in our house though, I'm feeling like now may be a good time to work on it!