San Diego is Good for the Soul.

We flew back on Sunday from San Diego, after a long weekend spent with my family and our friends celebrating the wedding of my dear sister and her sweet groom. If I could describe my emotional state on our flight out versus our flight back for you in quantifiable terms, the distance would be huge. I was seriously wound up on the way there, irritable and stressed, not at all how I'd imagined I'd spend the first hours of our "adults-only" vacation with Niall. We had a rental car mishap, which we discovered just as we landed, and I was anxious to get to my family, so the 45 minute delay we had before getting on the road felt utterly tragic. I was a mess and grumpy, a migraine forming in my right frontal lobe, generally out of sorts.

Thankfully, San Diego is this sort of unreal version of real life. My sister lives in Del Mar, north of the city, about 500 feet from the beach access. Insane. After our rental car fiasco, we met my mother for lunch and made our way down to the beach. As soon as I saw the Pacific Ocean, with it's vast and roaring waves, it's sandy beaches pushing up against craggily cliffs topped with palm trees, I started to breathe. I'm literally gobsmacked by the natural beauty of the Pacific coast every time I see it. 

Del Mar isn't a touristy area and on that Wednesday afternoon as the sun was just starting to make it's descent, groups of kids piled out of cars. While their sandy hair flopped in their eyes, and with their wet suits half-zipped, they scrambled down the beach towards the waves, surfboard leashes trailing behind. After-school surf lessons. For real.

As we walked along the beach that first afternoon, I totally decompressed. The stress of the journey, and leaving the kids, and the nervous excitement about the upcoming days slid away for a few moments. I've always sort of snickered at those "hippy California people", practicing their sun salutations at the crack of dawn down by the shore. But, I've changed my tune. Yogi on. San Diego is just good for the soul. 

The weekend was wonderful. The wedding was perfect and a day that will always hold a very, very special place in my heart. My brother and sister, their spouses, our parents, Niall and I; we made such good memories together last weekend. These are just a couple of photos, iPhone snaps, of our time. We were very busy just being last weekend and though I didn't capture it all on camera, I'm harnessing the power of the waves, the warmth of the sunshine, and the love of my family this week back at home.