Is it Fall outside?

Christopher spent a lot of time over the summer asking if it was Fall yet. I didn't realize he knew what season was what, and I must have mentioned throughout the summer that school and soccer were both starting in the Fall. He knew that the leaves would change and drop to the ground, and many days during the start of September, he'd wake up and ask if it was Fall outside. The first leaves started to flutter to the ground in late September, and on one of those early days as he watched the backyard from the breakfast table, a few leaves blew across. He was so excited as he exclaimed "Mama, it's FALL outside today!"

We are seriously savoring Fall around here this year for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's always been my favorite season. Crisp air, pumpkins everywhere, cozy blankets, football. Falling leaves are just about my favorite thing mother nature has to offer, and the Midwest has not disappointed this year. I've honestly never seen a Fall like this anywhere else that I've lived, and I'm feeling pretty grateful for the gorgeous scenery going on right now. Secondly, I know logically what's coming in terms of weather over the next several months, though I still can't really get my head around double digit snowfall predications and below 0 temperature readings. I'm certain that as the dark and cold days of January and February trudge on, I'll be thinking about all these mild autumn days and I feel like I'm going to need a reserve of memories to draw on. 

We've been getting outside as often as we can, and the guys are just as smitten with the falling leaves as I am. They've been begging to rake up a big giant pile to jump into, so I'm thinking we'll get going on that activity pretty soon. Pumpkin carving, leaf watching, costume wearing, and candy eating are the priorities this week.