Baby James // Seattle Newborn Photographer

So this was fun. Like, really fun. Newborn photography was never really something I was super interested in doing. The poses looked hard to execute, and sometimes awkward. The props seemed excessive...and sometimes awkward. About 6 months ago, I was totally sure newborn photography wasn't for me.

But as I'm getting to know my new camera and lens, and feeling a little more comfortable in the style of photography I'm hoping to achieve, and in chatting with a dear friend (who happens to be an exceptional photographer) I'm realizing I don't have to do newborns the way I thought I had to; posed and propped and in baskets.

This was my very first newborn session...and I loved it. I'm hoping to get a couple more sessions under my belt before I start offering this to clients, but I can't wait to explore this area a bit more. If you are in the Seattle area, and you're in the market for newborn photography, please shoot me an email at I'm currently looking for a few more babies to snap away at and add to my portfolio. 

For now, meet Sweet Baby James. Though not too sleepy, he was an absolute joy to photograph. Oh, those sweet newborn sounds! I'd almost forgotten how delicate and wonderful they are.