04//52: Joy

There's nothing particularly "joyful" about this image except for the fact that I felt so incredibly joyful while taking it. This project has become so important to me. It's forcing me to stretch and grow creatively. I'm seeing things I never noticed before and my camera hasn't been out of reach since we started. I can feel my photography changing, and I'm loving it.


On this particular day Niall called while we were walking to the park. Christopher took the phone for several minutes and told him all about our day, while strolling.  I was so happy I had my camera with me to capture some snaps of them chatting. It was remarkable to me how grown-up he sounded recounting our activities and his mannerisms while holding the phone and walking cracked me up.  Matthew just looked goofy and cute, as usual, and the sunset was moody and dramatic. Just another day in the life.