Planes, trains, and...monorails.

Because we decided the boys aren't obsessed enough with things having to do with transportation, we added an entirely new element to the mix.  The monorail. Fireworks, flashing lights, sheer excitement. A train. That flies. And now every choo-choo we own has suddenly become a monorail. 

We've ridden this thing no fewer than 5 times since we arrived. It runs between two areas and serves as a sort of shuttle between Seattle Center and the downtown shopping district. We've taken to just riding it back and forth between the two without ever exiting the train. The last time we rode, the sweet driver (conductor?) even let the kids toot the horn. 

And once again, something that was so lame to me once upon a time in high school has become the highlight of our days here in Seattle. So thankful for the gifts of time and perspective these days.