Do you guys ever feel like you spend lot of time, killing time? Is that a stay-at-home mom thing?  Find an activity that will take us until lunch, find another that will take us from the end of naptime until dinner. 30 minutes till Dad comes home? Sure, let's wander around the backyard looking for bugs. 45 until Big Brother is done with school? No problem, let's swing by Starbucks. Some days, I feel like all I do is kill time. And lately all I can seem to think about is the time I'm killing until the next big thing happens.

Which is downright depressing. I read something yesterday and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I'll share it with you all at some point, but I'd be lying if I told you it didn't change my perspective. I woke up chirping today which has been hard to muster for the last couple of weeks. Instead of "killing" time today, we embraced it. As soon as the sun peeked out we ran to the park and spent an hour running and climbing and chasing. When we had an hour of time before meeting Granny for dinner, we found a carwash and paid extra for the delux wash (and an extra couple of minutes in the machine). Instead of parking at the restaurant and waiting in the car (with kids who'd surely be screaming) we snuck into the deserted local highschool parking lot and ran around under the streetlights. Mundane activities, yes. But with a change in perspective they felt less like killing time, and whole lot more fun.

Some snaps of the kids under the streetlights. These aren't super sharp guys, but no bother. They're not exactly what I had in mind when we drove by the parking lot and I'll probably go back at some point and try to reshoot them. Challenging for me photographically, yes. Fun for me and the kids, double yes.