On Adventure

Happy 2014 friends!

I hope you rang in the New Year with people you love and spent the day resting and refreshing and feeling ready for the year ahead. We witnessed several dozen people leaping into the frigid waters of Lake Washington this morning, surely cleansing themselves of the past year embarking on the new one with vigor, and obviously crazy.

I'm usually full of goals and objectives (never resolutions) on New Year's Day, rearing and ready to go for the year ahead. You might remember last year I boldly tossed Facebook out of my life in order to focus more intently on my family and myself. This year feels a little different. We're sort of in limbo at the moment. Niall is away in Chicago working tremendously long hours. We're having a wonderful time in Seattle with my parents, but lacking a schedule and school and social commitments while we wait to sell our home. I'm feeling a strange mixture of total excitement and complete stagnation about our year ahead. 

And so, while there are health and finance and social media goals to understand and iron out, one objective for this year is glaringly clear. We're going on an adventure. An adventure as a little family of 4. I'm not sure exactly what it will look like, how long it will take to get there, or where we'll end up, but we're on our way. Taking little steps now and again, finding our footing along the way, and keeping our hearts open to all the possibilities we might encounter. 

I hope you'll join us.