Around Town: American Tobacco, Durham

Have you been out to the American Tobacco campus lately? We hadn't either.  

Since moving from Durham to Raleigh in 2010, we've only been back a handful of times. Don't get me wrong, we adored living in the converted tobacco warehouse loft we rented when we first arrived from Dublin. We also loved the walk-ability of living in the downtown Durham area. But after finding out we were expecting Big Zoom, we knew we needed to move in to a more practical space (with an additional bedroom) in an area that would be a bit more kid friendly. 

We've since moved a couple of more times, but we look back on our time in Durham fondly. Our first place as a married couple, our first place in the States, and our first experience living downtown. We now know how much we miss living in an urban setting, and hanging out with the boys at the American Tobacco campus a few weeks ago really brought me back. 

There are some really neat things going on over there these days. In addition to Mellow Mushroom (which may have been the biggest draw when we lived in the complex) there's now an expanded YMCA with a really neat basketball arena, several new restaurants, a weekly farmers market, a pop-up garden shop, regular food trucks, and even a little bicycle pop-up restaurant.

The boys had a blast checking out the little river that runs through the area, and we explored some of the recently renovated historical details of the campus. It's really so cool out there.

Note how many shots you see below of the back of the boys' heads. That's about all I'm getting these days from my little buggers. They are on the move like you wouldn't believe!  

And bonus, I've found a new photo shoot location! I've one spot left for Fall Family Sessions: October 13th. After that, I'm booked through October and November. So, if you're interested, please give me a shout and we'll get you scheduled. I'm so looking forward to a busy fall season!