... via Seattle

Well hello friends. An update for you. We've moved from Raleigh, but not to Chicago...yet. We decided to take a pit stop in Seattle for a while, until the house sells, to hang with my parents and enjoy the city with the boys. We arrived in full force on Thanksgiving Day; two weary parents, a couple of toddling boys, too many suitcases and a sweet, terrified dog. We must have been a sight pulling away from baggage claim in the 11 passenger "church van" my Dad rented to get us back to the house. It's been nothing short of wonderful being here. The boys have settled in really well with new toys and fresh grandparents to play with. Niall and I had a lovely and quiet breakfast date before he flew off to Chicago to start the new job, just the two of us. 

I'm not sure how long we'll stay; into the New Year for sure. For now we've got an agenda full of sights to see and places to explore. We chased some ducks this sunny Seattle morning and explored the beach down the street from the house. It feels so good to be near water again. We've got art class this week and a trip downtown planned. The Christmas tree will go up this weekend. We're feeling pretty lucky these days. Stay tuned for snippets of our adventures in Seattle.