Kinda pulled together, but mostly running wild and free.

This family. Dear me, I loved this session. Rebecca and I have been running in the same circles for a while now, passing each other in the gym, seeing one another in mutual friends Facebook posts, distant members of the same Mom's groups. So when she checked in to book a session for photographs I was excited we'd get to know each other a little bit better. They came relaxed and looking cutely casual and the weather was perfect.

Rebecca wrote a super sweet shout out to me on her Facebook page after she saw her gallery. She described her family as "kinda pulled together, but mostly running wild and free." I loved that. Totally accurate, and totally my kind of family. I so enjoyed working with them.

You never really know how a session is going to turn out. Well at least I don't. I mean I know I'm going to get some great "money" shots of your kids with genuine smiles looking straight at my camera and of you all as a family. I'm certain of that at this stage. But the other stuff, the kinda pulled together but mostly running wild and free, that's the stuff that makes me squeal when I upload images at home. That's the stuff I strive for. Thank you Reed family for being so fun to work with!