The Max Pant by Chasing Mermaids: Raleigh Commercial Photography

Meet Sawyer.  


He's one of my most favorite six year olds around. Yes, he's handsome as all get out. Yes, he's a lady killer with those twinkly blue eyes. And yes, he makes a great model. But what you can't see from the pictures, is what a sweet, kind, and gentle kid this is. My little rugrats absolutely adore "big boys", and Sawyer is so good with them. I'm considering hiring him as a mother's helper on his next trackout! He engages the little ones in playtime, shows them cool big boy toys, and helps them when they fall down or need a boost. We don't get to see him as much as we used to now that he's a year-round swimmer and big 1st grader, but when he shows up at the playground my boys go running. 


I love working with Raedene of Chasing Mermaids. She's one talented seamstress and pattern tester and I've loved watching her business grow. After testing this new boy pant pattern by Whimsy Couture, she asked if I'd help her out with a couple of shots of her son wearing the design. I jumped at the chance because I love photographing this kid and she had a new location in mind. Neither disappointed.  And, it's amazing how easy it is to get good shots without our combined 5 kids running around! 


Stay sweet Sawyer! Thanks for being such a great little model!