Mamarazzi Skills: Tips for Great Photos Vol. 3

My tip this week is really, really simple. Get on their level.


Doing this probably improved the quality of my photographs the most when I first started snapping away at my kids. You'll be amazed at how the composition of your photograph will change if you crouch down, or lay on the ground, and shoot your kids straight on. 


Not only will you get great connection between your subject and your camera, you'll capture an image that truly represents the world at their level. Last week I gave my 3 year old my camera and taught him how to press the shutter and aim the camera. The images he took are mostly off-kilter and sideways, but it was really interesting to see our living room from his perspective. He got this shot of Barley our dog, which I probably never would have thought to try. What's even better is that this is how he views our beast of a puppy. It's totally reignited my interest and getting down and dirty with them when I'm taking pictures.



I guarantee that getting on their level will make an immediate impact on your photos. Try to get at their eye level and capture their surrounding as they see them. Keep the first tips on light and clutter in mind when you do this though, you may have to change locations or clean up a bit, but I guarantee it'll be worth it!