Mamarazzi Skills: Tips for Great Photos Vol. 2

 Clear the clutter. I'm a mom of two toddler boys. I get it. Our house is a disaster/war zone/pigsty from 7 in the morning until 15 minutes before Dad comes home from work. Blocks, race cars, train tracks, and sippy cups litter the floor and blankets and pillows are strewn about everywhere. Dirty dishes sit in the sink and the cereal boxes decorate the counter. While this is normal life for me, it doesn't make for very pretty pictures. Clear the clutter people. I don't mean to suggest you deep clean your house before snapping a picture of your kids, but brush the stray toys to the side, hide the cereal boxes on the stove, move your kids in front of a space on the wall with no pictures or light sockets.


Most of the examples above can be acheived with a simple crop in any basic editing software or by just changing the position of yourself or your subject. Easy! Think creatively and check your entire frame before snapping!

If you're outside, wait a couple of seconds until that car passes or the people walking their dog are out of your frame. Choose an open field or a larger section of grass or even a part of the street without cars.


Clearing the clutter will help draw the eye towards the subject of your photograph; your cute kids!